2005 Workforce Technologies Survey

The Cedar group are running their 8th annual survey of workfacre technologies trends and activities. This year they are focusing on several new areas:-

This year we expand the survey to focus more deeply on emerging strategic human capital management applications, along with our prior focus on self service and portals. We also included questions about your overall service delivery approach, specifically covering plans for both in house and outsourced service delivery.

For the first time, we have also added a companion survey for business executives within your organization. We added this survey based on the increase we saw last year in business executive funding and we are looking to explore and report upon their needs as well as those reported by HRIT respondents. If there is a business executive in your organization that initiates or funds projects regarding HR Technologies, please pass this invitation along.

If you are involved in HR technology or know someone who is you should complete the survey, data collection continues until 16th July.

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