Dead desktop

Today we bought a funky new wireless keyboard and mouse the Logitech Wireless Desktop LX5o0 , something we have been meaning to do for a long time. Well tonight I unpacked it, plugged it all in (following the step be step instructions) turned our home PC back on……

wrrrr, clunk, clunk

“Invalid Boot disk or insert a new boot disk and restart”

Oh S#%t!

Quick get the original Windows CD to boot from. Nothing…

Find old Windows 98SE boot floopy. Yes! Booting…… Oh no C Drive Oh no CD drive! The Windows 98SE boot disk says there are no IDE devices connected.

Now when did I last back up? Too long ago!!

Screw driver time.

I am now 3 hours into the exercise, HD and CD out of case searching Google and trying all sorts of different options and still nothing!

It seems my IDE controller is dead, can that happen? By the clunking sound the HD might be toast as well.

2 thoughts on “Dead desktop

  1. Michael, I have that problem all the time….a quick simple task like install a new plug & play keyboard ends up taking three days and two computer rebuilds!!!! bet you were in a hurry to type something that was required the next day.

  2. Always the way, I say to my wife “only a second” and then 2 hours later I am still going at something. Luckily the desktop sorted itself out, new CD/DVD drive and we were off and running.

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