Sensis enters job market

The Australian IT had a story yesterday on how Sensis has partnered with Morgan & Banks to create an online recruitment site that will be designed to compete with the existing online job boards (Seek, MyCareer, and CareerOne).

The story was very light on details and when looking at the Sensis site I found no reference to the new service as a result I am not sure as to when the service will launch. However a site does exist at, which I guess will be the basis for the combined offering. In reviewing it I got the impression that the service will be a merging of social networks and recruitment in one place, with the primary focus recruitment. Essentially Australia’s own version of LinkedIn. Regardless of the details this move is a major step in a recognition that search engines will be directly competing with job boards.

I spent a bit of time registering for the site and found it a fairly easy process, no major issues. The resume creation tool is very good, allowing me to submit my regular MS-Word document the solution using some form of AI created a structured resume that was about 80% accurate and required about 5 minutes to clean up. Once I submitted the resume I was ready for job hunting and networking.

The networking process is very similar to LinkedIn, without the ability to load your contacts from your favourite PIM. Maybe a downside however it does stop the game of “my network is bigger than yours” which seems to have taken place on LinkedIn. The other good attribute of the service it networking is directly related to job hunting not a side benefit.

Other great features. A personality assessment to help job seekers understand how ” your personalty affects your approach to work and your relationships with people”. You can also search your network and the anonymous resumes of other people using LinkMe by company, name and matching on resumes. Job seekers can rank their resume against others in the database to see how it would compare from a recruiter’s point of view, a very good feature and it also allows the job seeker to view the compared resumes (anonymously of course).

One issue (a big one at that) I did find, was during my time using the tool I was suddenly logged in as someone else, I could see their resume and network! This is a very poor bug given the current issues around digital identity and identity theft on the internet.

3 thoughts on “Sensis enters job market

  1. Oh no, not another passive job site!
    And with Sensis – I thought they were taking on Google? They already have a bit of work to do there!

    Now were they talking about Morgan & Banks as the individuals (Geoff & Andrew) and their current investment vehicle, or are they talking about what used to be Morgan & Banks the recruitment firm, which was bought by TMP and is now called Hudson?

  2. Linkedin apprears to be shadowed by Linkme they couldn’t even come up with an original name. Netprofiled pioneered this area in Sydney in 2000, the emphasis with Netprofiled is that they got there long before anyone else – including Linkedin. The virtual world is full of innovative and creative people that’s what makes it wonderful. Go to and see what we do.

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