Jobs in my network

No not my network, Gautam Ghosh’s. He is trialling the new Jobster service for invited job seekers to share jobs through their network. The service was launched a few weeks ago. The jobs are all from Microsoft and were advertised by Heather last week. Personally I like the sound of the Product Strategy job I just don’t have the skills nor do I live in Redmond.

As with the other Jobster services, it is by invitation only.

3 thoughts on “Jobs in my network

  1. Actually, if you go to my blog and click on the Jobster link in the post, you access can my Talent Network in Jobster directly (meaning you can join). It’s an open invitation.

  2. Good! Saw your name in there as I was scrolling through. Glad you filled out the profile as it will help me assess what kinds of info to send your way.

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