Blogging for Microsoft?

Over the last 24 hours news has appeared that last week Microsoft began looking for freelance bloggers for their MSN sites. I have seen references by Jeremy Wright and Steve Rubel but not from the recruiting blogers Gretchen (probably because she is on leave) or Heather, nor did the job get posted in Blogger Jobs but they are appearing in Indeed.

Very interesting.

5 thoughts on “Blogging for Microsoft?

  1. Yep-I saw them. Recruiting doesn’t work on contract roles, but I did let their recruiter know that these were out there. Another reason that they didn’t hit our radar is they aren’t really “corporate blogging” contract assignments. They are lifestyle/entertainment blogging. Just different than people working in a company and blogging about it. Hmm, it could be fun to blog about Tom and Katie though huh?

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