One Year today

I started blogging one year ago today! This is my second blog although it does have all of the posts from day one, the old one is here. Looking forward to the next year, but I also thought it is an opportunity to reflect.

I completely agree with Rebecca Blood in that people begin blogging after they have been reading blogs. For me the blog that really got me going was Jeremy Zawodny, I had looked at blogs back in 2002 and just found LiveJournal stuff and was turned off them completely. I feel that one method of introducing blogs into an organisation is to begin with an aggregation service. Incorporating a small aggregation of high quality industry relevant blog content on your intranet/portal with a couple of introduction links but nothing to forward. This way people can become introduced to the idea of content things will grow from there.

Other things I have been very surprised about are the community feel between bloggers, even ones classified as “A-List”, the high quality of content available essentially for free (just check the license agreements to be certain), and the conversation that is started between you and others.

2 thoughts on “One Year today

  1. Happy blogday….belated as it may be.

    Michael, Congratulations, 1 year, it’s a milestone, good on you. I’m gradually catching up on my feeds and have finally got round to your blog….I’m looking forward to reading your posts for the coming year, as I’ve got some great tips, ideas and information from your blog over the past 4-5 months.

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