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Over the last few weeks I have been on a mission to track down some more blogs that cover HR, learning, recruitment, and to a lesser degree knowledge management. I have found about 180 of them that as far as I can tell are still active, there were lots more but if they had not been updated in 6 months I did not put them on the list.

At the moment the list is in an OPML file and available to download.

But there is a disclaimer which essentially is all care but no responsibility. The categories are mine so if you disagree sorry, let me know I will update. If you know of others that I have missed let me know. I plan to eventually create a web based interface to maintain the file, I have the basics but need a bit more time to get it complete.

Why an OPML file? Allows people to quickly load up a whole list of blogs into an aggregator and get going quickly.

More to follow.

3 thoughts on “HR and related blogs I found

  1. Jack thanks for the pointer! How did you go looking into using social bookmarking tools to facilitate the collection of blogs. I have thought of creating a tag in and sharing them that way may biggest concern is then being able to easily load them into a feed reader.

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