Is “peer production” the “long tail”?

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This post is a bit vague and more a snapshot of ideas than anything else, but hey it is my blog.

In Business Week a Yale Law School professor, Yochai Benkler, has put together a paper on the changing nature of our economy that is being fuelled by the Internet and cheap computing power. Benkler has dubbed the new economy “commons-based peer production”, to me it sounds a lot like the economics defined by Chris Anderson with the Long Tail, am I missing something and just calling something the long tail that really isn’t?

A point to note he claims that this new economy will be disruptive but will not impact all areas of the current market system, one example “novels won’t be produced in this way”, hang on what about Naked Conversations?

This interview is part of a larger feature from Business Week on the Future of Technology, an interesting read but kind of makes your brain hurt. There is also a great graphic on the migration of the internet from “one to one” to “many to many”.

3 thoughts on “Is “peer production” the “long tail”?

  1. Good stuff…I positioned Zed Tycho as a social software consultancy and provided software and tools around it… what I have come to realize is that a HUGE paradigm (yes I used that word) shift has occurred in the past 9 months… its something else. I have many ideas yet don’t know what the box around it is called… the long tail hits home the concept of market space. What you are thinking of, I think…is the many to many aspect of the web- to which metcalf and reeds law come into effect quite nicely. the tools and stuff in place and what is going on is exciting and few are on the cusp of it.

  2. Michael:

    Thanks for expanding on these posts. Mine was actually derived off of other blog posts, and you’ve developed a completely new twist on it – introducing me to some new concepts and resources. In some roundabout way, it’s probably a good illustration of the entire many to many and blogging concept.

  3. Kevin, you are right we are on the cusp of a whole lot of things. The whole many to many concept is one of the underpinning elements of social networks.

    Dubs, no worries you did the same.

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