Your Gooru

During the last few days while at Blogtalk Downunder (if you had not guessed that was where the flood of posts came from) I had the pleasure of meeting some many fantastic people.

Some of those people was the team from Zed Tycho who build social networking tools and other cool pieces of software. One such tool is Gooru, while this is a little premature as the site is not up and running yet, but I really like the concept.

To quote from their site as a job seeker Gooru is:-

Gooru is a lot like your Fairy Godmother but instead of make believe, Gooru and it members provide you with the tools to get the things you’d like to be, do or have in your life.

Here you can:

* Improve your career and life
* Build partnerships
* Locate education, and career development sources
* Subscribe to Mentors to encourage you
* Find Coaches to give you tools

Gooru is a special site combining your dreams with personal development. It has relevant content from well-known business leaders, with mentors and coaches to help you along the way.

Essentially the tool will combine jobs, social networking, career development, and mentoring into one place. A very interesting concept. While corporate tools have some of these features let face it most people achieve these activities outside the walls of a corporation. Job site and social networking tools are also merging but there is still a missing link to help enhance the career development of a person.

Just a thought, it might be an idea to watch these guys, oh and they have a blog.

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