WordPress Tutorials

Thanks to James Farmer for beginning a series of tutorials in WordPress, the first is on “How do you format WordPress posts?”.

While this is fantastic, it got me thinking.


Why do we need a tutorial? I must admit I was a little taken back by the basic-ness of the posting features. But then, with an installation process so fantastic, features and plugins what more should I expect from open source?

If I look at Blogger, you need to undertake some interesting HTML/Javascript editing just to get trackbacks. MovableType requires almost a PHD to complete the installation, TypePad a monthly subscription, Drupal , etc etc. These are all barriers to entry. The only service with no barrier is MSN Spaces but then again you do need to go to the dark side :-).

Seriously from an HR perspective for blogs and wikis for that matter to be truly accepted by employees the user experience needs to improve. We need to lower the barrier of entry!

James is doing this with IncSub and for this he should be congratulated.

Just a thought.

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