My feed

It occurred to me while in the shower this morning that when I changed theme’s I did not modify the feeds to point to FeedBurner.

While WordPress has an RSS feed which I see some of you have subscribed to I prefer to use FeedBurner. I have now tried to update all of the feed links back to my FeedBurner feed.

Why use FeedBurner over the standard RSS feed in WordPress? Two reasons, one for you the reader and one for me. For the reader it means if I decide to move platforms of locations you are protected by a “middle man” from the change. For me I get statistics on what posts are interesting and how many people are subscribing. This means we all win.

A point to note. WordPress allows you to subscribe just to comments, I am not sure how to get FeedBurner to take the comments so they will stay coming directly from this site.

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