New HR Metrics?

Tom Lutz (from HR for the leader in you) has written an interesting post on HR Metrics where he highlights some of the concerns with some measures and provides a listing of leading edge metrics from Saratoga/PricewaterhouseCoopers. The list of his leading edge metrics are below:-
1. Percent of High Potentials in the Talent Pool. Bench Strength
2. Number of succession Plan Candidates per Key Role to be Filled. Succession Plan Ratio
3. Average New Hire Performance Ratio divided by Average Performance Rating. Average Hire Performance Score.
4. Voluntary Separation Rate in the First Three Months of Service divided by New Hires. New Hire Separation Rate.
5. Employees receiving Higher Performance Rating than Previous Cycle divided by Headcount. Workforce Performance Improvement.
6. Total Promotions divided by Headcount. Promotion Rate
7. Total Voluntary Separations of High Performers divided by High Performer Headcount. Voluntary Separation Rate of Top Performers.
8. Total Separations of Low Performers divided by Low Performer Headcount. Total separations of Low Performers.

An interesting list to be added to our previous discussions on recruiting metrics.

4 thoughts on “New HR Metrics?

  1. I am trying to track down a detailed listing of HR specific metrics. What you have above is good, I am looking for a pretty comprehensive listing. Do you know where to find that?

  2. There are several good books on the subject, such as Jac Fitz-enz The ROI of Human Capital and Ulrich, Becker and Huselid’s The HR Scorecard. Other than looking for some books, you could try searching Google.

  3. Thanks for citing my blog in you comments. I am always interested in how people come by my site, especially those from outside the U.S. Looks like you have a good discussion going…keep up the good work.
    Tom Lutz

  4. Tom, I cannot remember how I initially can across your blog. These days I typically find new HR related blogs through Technorati, and other HR bloggers.

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