New Theme

Since moving to WordPress I have been amazed at the ease of use, as a content management system I am very happy with it. I have also been blown away by the number of themes available to download and use. Today I have loaded a new theme called Relaxation by John Wrana I like it a lot it has clean lines neutral colours and generally a professional look.

If you have an opinion let me know, oh and be prepared for some other changes :-).

3 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Looks very nice, Michael. =) But I’m somewhat prejudiced. 😉

    And you’re right: WordPress is definitly a very fine peace of software. Good luck, for your blog.


  2. Another question. I’ve read, that your blogging since 2004 with Wasn’t there the possibility to import your entries to wordpress? I think there are some import-scripts out there.

  3. John, yes there is an import utility however at this stage I am not planning to migrate all my posts. I might in the future.

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