Can you please reengage

Keith Jackson over at Corporate Engagement quoted an interesting item from the Australian Fin Review on employee engagement, or lack there of.

Employee engagement is really about person to organisation alignment. Without advocacy, motivation. satisfaction and commitment (aka pride) an employee will no be actively engaged in your organisation. Many years ago while at Nortel we worked to a very simple (and popular) formula Employee Satisfaction drives Customer Satisfaction which drives profits or ESAT + CSAT = $$$. Essentially if you have an employee who is proud of their company they naturally want to see their customers happy.

So how do you get people to engage at work? Invite them to something that is meaningful.

Oh, and if we look at the quotes from the Fin Review it would seem that the main reasons employees feel disengaged is poor company leadership and problems with the employees’ immediate manager. 🙂 If we look honestly at this issue the article claims that this issue is costing Australia $A30 billion pa, wow! What an impact we would have if we got a 10% increase in engagement, an extra $A3 billion into the economy.

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