More on the Google blogger who got fired

Mark Jen, the non infamous ex-Googler who was fired late last month has just been interview by InformationWeek (via Steve Rubel). The interview brings up 5 very good lessons which should form the basis of a blogger’s code of conduct.

I find this story interesting for several reasons. Firstly how quickly Mark managed to get himself fired. Secondly how secretive it seems Google is, although this is not surprising. Third (and this is a generalisation) did life experience have anything to do with this? Mark had only been in the workplace for 18 months, I remember how I was 18 months into the workplace I did some very stupid things (not to say I still don’t but that is for another post). As the interview states if your employer does not have a policy then ask for one.

Maybe Google needs to provide more of a supportive framework for employees, especially given they also own Blogger. It could the interpreted that because they own Blogger that they have embraced blogging as a corporate culture. Maybe Google’s induction process needs to state this clearly for all concerned. One thought that comes to mind is does Google (maybe all employers) have an obligation to their employees to make sure that they all understand where their corporate culture fits with relation to blogs? I kind of think Google does due to their ownership of Blogger. Not being an IR/ER specialist I could be completely off base on this but I do feel it is a question that needs to be asked.

I was listening to Jeremy C Wright (I remembered the C Jeremy) being interviewed on G’Day World (yes I listen to them way too much) and Jeremy said that he feels that all bloggers need to take some of the responsibility on what they posted and remember that a smart comment posted one day could come back to haunt you. Jeremy has also had a chance to reflect on his situation in the last few weeks and provides some interesting insight during the interview.

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