Macromedia & eLearning

The power of Pubsub and Technorati should never be underestimated. Steve Rubel was talking at length about this recently in his interview on G’Day World.

My find of the day is Tom King’s
blog from MacroMedia on eLearning. Tom seems to be a corporate blogger from MacroMedia focusing on eLearning and the application of their tools and technologies.

Something that I personally found very cool was his recent post on Nokia licensing Flash for their phones! This takes the possibility of mLearning to a new level! The possibilities are endless! The apprentice who is working on a slightly more complex activity could access the company eLearning system and receive just in time training on site, or someone who is dealing with a obscure chemical in a plant might not have at the forefront of their mind the correct procedures for handling, so access a quick flash tutorial right then. I could go on all night.

Great site Tom, you are now on my subscriptions.