HR Bloggers

I have been exchanging a couple of emails with Mark Willaman from on the different sources we read. During this exchange I was struck by the lack of prominant HR thinkers who blog, and those that do publish online seem to only have email subscription services.

For example the famous Dr John only has an email subscription model for his free articles and no blog. I have heard Dr John speak several times and always had the impression that he was on the leading edge, so this surprises me. Now for all I know is he has looked at these tecnologies and decided that they are not for him.

I agree with Mark, Dr John would make an excellent blogger. The Electronic Recruiting Exchange also only has an email model, no RSS, and the prominent HR mags none (which I have found), which is sad as I want to consolidate everything into my newsreader. I suspect the reasons are very similar to why IDG is currently no offering RSS. Listening to Mark Jones On the Pod with Mick & Cam (G’Day World), Mark provided an interesting perspective for me on the publishers point of view and how the advertising makes up such an important portion of their business (it is their business) and that there is no defacto method of measuring the “value” of an RSS reader.

HR people I would like to see blog. Dr John Sullivan, Row Henson, Karen Beaman, Bob Stambaugh, John Macy and many others. I have tried to find blogs for them but failed, if anyone knows of them please let me know.

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