Corporate E-Learning

It has taken me about a week to get around to reading this item on elearning by Amy Gahran (from EducationNiche). What struck me about it is Amy is almost talk about a sophisticated RSS environment for learning objects.

I have been thinking of how can we use RSS feeds to deliver learning content to users as required, maybe not even part of a traditional learning program just ad-hoc. For example I might subscribe to a feed on “Acme Sales Strategy” and then on an ad-hoc basis as content is created it would be delivered to me via the RSS feed. Integrated into the employee’s day to day desktop we would be getting close to Amy’s example:-

Getting a fast, clear, relevant overview of the new information, context about how it relates to things she already knows or does, and realistic interactive practice in finding and using the new information on demand.

Adding to this the ability to deliver podcast sessions for additional learning maybe interviews with successful sales people or discussions with the head of sales about our philosophy.

The thing with using RSS and such technology is if the content is not useful employees will unsubscribe giving the content developers a great feedback loop, it is useful more people will subscribe.

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