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Jeremy has posted a good summary on his blog as to why a company would to set up a blog. While I agree with all of his points, this post could be just seen as advertising for his auction. However I hope it is not the case, as he does offer some very valid points that organisations should consider when looking at if they should start a blog.

Jeremy talks about how a blog can add value to the organisation through several different mechanisms. These ideas will give any new blogger a good framework to work within.

I want to point out one thing with Jeremy’s post:-

So, why hire a blogger instead of just some writer off of eLance or The short answer is that you don’t just want a writer. The blogging
consultant you hire should know how to write, know how to communicate (which is
an entirely different matter) and know the business and marketing drivers which
are likely to cause success or failure in this new venture.

I would say you don’t just want any blogger. You want one that that understands your business, ideally an internal evalgalist who will write for you ongoing once the hired blogger has departed. As Jeremy says you do not hire a golf pro for life, just to improve your golf game. This is very good advice and if you are looking to hire a blogger make sure they teach you the ropes and hlep you develop the environment so that when they are gone things sill continue.

But you also don’t hire a golf pro if you have no interest in golf, no time to play golf or no access to golf in the long term. In otherwords you only hire the golf pro because you have decided up fron thtat you can see value in the arrangement, the action of hiring the golf pro does not solve the no interest, no time etc issues. My point is you need to see the value in the arrangement before you begin, like the saying goes “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

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  1. like the saying goes “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

    Try adding salt to the horse’s food! Then watch the horse drink.

    With all the Golfing references, you might want some complimentary lesons. go to and welss send some by email

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