Trade unions and Gen X & Y

The Age had an item yesterday on the possible reason for the failure of Labour at the recent election. While I am not sure I completely agree with the complete item it does raise in interesting perspective that we all need to face over the next 5 – 10 years. That is the make up of the workforce is going to change dramatically with the intro of Gen Y.

The impact of 3 generations in the workforce I firmly believe is going to be more profound than most of us realise. It will impact all areas of business, however the HR field is probably going to be impacted more than any other, ok may that is an overstatement but you get the idea. HR is going to have to rethink all areas of service delivery, it is going to take a certain type of HR Director who can balance the needs of their Baby Boomer CEO (ok generalisation) with that of the Gen Y’s they need to hire to keep the workforce within the organisation for going stale.

The change in service delivery by HR will naturally impact the types and styles of technology used to deliver these services. Now that is an interesting challenge for people like my who work in the HRIS space, I hope I can meet it.

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