People in Business : Making HR Happen conference

Tomorrow and Wednesday I am off to AHRI‘s second major conference for the year “People in Business : Making HR Happen” at Star City. It will be interesting to see the conference from a participants point of view, it has been 5 years since last time, usually I am attending as an exhibitor, sometimes a speaker.

The conference is designed to focus on practical tools for HR a new focus, in previous years the conference has been on eLearning and before that technology.

I urge all participants to fill in the delegate questionnaires that will be available during the conference so that AHRI can evaluate the success. SIG members have been asked to feedback on the conference as well from the SIG’s perspective.

The HRIS SIG will be presenting the official AHRI and Cedar Workforce Technology Survey results. These are very interesting and should provide a great insight for people looking to improve their workforce technology tools.

I will try to post a couple of summaries and maybe even a few photos!

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