Mainstream blogging

There is a new site/blog setup just for CEO’s who blog, (thanks to Lee LeFever at CommonCraft) does this mean blogging is now completely mainstream and not just for technical people. Heather Leigh has even had her parent’s asking about blogs and speculates what it would be like if her mother wrote one.

All of this is great news as one of the best methods of knowledge management and sharing of knowledge is now being accepted in the mainstream. Over the last couple of weeks blogs have been the topic on numerous new reports.

Any person within an organisation wanting to create an environment of knowledge management and knowledge sharing would do well to invest some time in learning about blogs.

What would happen if you allowed more employees to be involved in Intranet blogs, and provided a framework for RSS feeds between employees? Any organisation split over multiple locations would suddenly have knowledge flowing quickly, easily and with corporate rhetoric. Once you have the culture then the rest will happen.