Recruiting via your blog

For the last 7 months or so two of Microsoft’s recruiters from the Microsoft Core Technical Recruiting team (the “Moon Gals) have been blogging away with a variety of posts. Based on the number of comments (1795) and trackbacks (281) based on only 154 posts, they have a significant readership, me included.

Today’s post is a little different, they are advertising for someone to join them within the central recruiting team. They admit they want to “shamelessly use our blog to promote the opportunity”.

It is fantastic to see such a usage of a blog, I bet not the first, nor the last, however I am confused, do they really have so many issues in finding candidates that they need to advertise on their blog? Or this the start of something more unique? Regardless if I fit the requirements I would apply, one big issue is I am in Sydney the job is in Redmond, the commute would be a bitch.

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