Cedar annual workforce technologies survey

I am tapping away this post from Hong Kong, escaped the winter of Sydney to the sticky heat of Hong Kong. Here to spend so time with the EmployeeConnect Greater China team.

Well it is on again. Cedar Enterprise Solutions is running it’s 7th Annual survey of what is happening in the HR systems marketplace.

This year there will be results from Australia, the AHRI NSW HRIS SIG (which I am a member) has partnered with Cedar to access the AHRI’s membership based to try and increase the number of results. At the moment the Australian portion of the survey has been completed and the results are being analyzed and will be available in Sept.

At this stage I have seen the draft results and they look very interesting. Stay tuned as there will be several AHRI events that you can attend to see the results.

The 2003 survey had 24 findings, two themes emerged from the findings that I personally find as fantastic. Funding/ROI and change management are both being recognised as important and being used as tools during the projects, will these appear again?

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