Well, I have decided to start writting online. Not for any particular purpose other than to write. So if you like what you read let me know, if you don’t also let me know.

What will the blog cover? That is an intesting question. Most likely there will be two major streams of thought:- Human Resources and Technology. An interesting mix if I must say so myself.

Anyway down to business. There are two topics of discussion in the Australain HR systems market at the moment recruitment and learning system. Vendors in the vertical markets are offering riches beyond you wildest dreams, if you believe the marketing hype.

Recruitment is today’s topic.

The Human Resources section at about.comhas an interesting (or not so interesting depending on your point of view) article on developing and maintaining a listing of good candidates. All these online ideas also are best practice off line, so what then has changed? Not a lot online tools in recruitment just help you do you job more effectively and hopefully with a better result. What has not changed are the fundamentals of recruitment. Going online with recrutiment by its self is not the “silver bullet” that will solve all of your recruitment wows.

At Workforce.com Samual Greengard talks about the best practice for choosing and implementing a recruitment system. I would agrue that his best practices are applicable for all HR systems, not let me rephase all business applications.

That’s it for now off to watch the last of CSI:Miami.