Learning and YouTube

A couple of days ago I came across an article in the Australian IT about how a leading Australian university, Macquarie University, is starting to look at using YouTube to deliver lectures.

Very interesting idea.

Macquarie has been making lectures available for download to students for about 3 years now, so a move to video is not surprising.  However such a move is not without possible issues:-

Placing videos of lectures on YouTube is something the varsity is working on but two issues need to be resolved beforehand.

“We can’t just point the camera at the lecturer and upload the lesson. The back of a lecturer’s head isn’t necessarily the thing you want to be watching … we have to be more creative.

“There’s also the question of copyright for when the lecturer shows a video as part of the lecture … it’s fine for us to show that on campus but we have to be careful if it’s on the internet and if someone downloads it,” Mr Hole said.

It will be interesting to watch where this goes.

(Disclosure: I happen to work for Nortel, mentioned at the end of the article but have nothing to do with this deal or any other deal. As it happens I only noticed the Nortel reference after I started writing this post.)

Did You Know video follow up post

A couple of weeks I posted about a video called “Did You Know“, the video has done the rounds on blogs but few people (that I have seen) been able to point out the source.

Today via SoulSoup I found the source of the video, the original presentation and the source documents for the statistics.

The original presentation came from Karl Fisch, he provides some background on how the presentation came to life.

Karl has also posted the sources, note in his original post he makes updates to some of the content based on not being able to find an independent source.

Scott Mcleod put the video together that many of us have seen, and in the process making some changes from the original presentation.

You can also find 2 other presentations done by Karl “What If” and “2020 Vision” along with the profound posts that go with, What If and 2020 Vision.What If covers the age old question of back in my day…, and how all this new technology is ruining our children 😉

2020 Vision looks back at our future from the year 2020, it is fictional and contains predictions. Some great food for thought for all educators, parents, training professionals and even IT managers.

Oh and I really want an eyeMAGINE!