The Launch of Inspecht TV

Over the years I have thought about creating a local HR or Recruiting focused podcast or video podcast, however each time I decide I really do not have the motivation to keep something like that up.
Inspecht TV
Well today I launched Inspecht TV. So what changed?

Several things did actually. Firstly Inspecht TV is not a regular show, it is not even a podcast, which satisfies my first requirement of not requiring a heap of work to get going.

Secondly I have been playing with video over the last few months as part of the ATC Social Media event (Youtube videos as well) and with the Inspecht webinars. As part of this work I have got myself a new camera, and figured out how to use video editing software (even if I am bad at it), convert to flash and deliver via WordPress.

The finally, Justin Hillier over at Social Recruiting 360 has been talking up video for a while and is even doing a real video podcast with interviews and topics etc.

All these things came together to become Inspecht TV.

What is Inspecht TV?

Yes there will be the occasional Inspecht produced video however the majority of the content will be showcasing other people’s videos. Inspecht TV will bring together a curated list of content for you to consume, you can subscribe to our special RSS feed to receive the latest content.

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