Organisational challenges for social recruiting

There are four major challenges facing organisations from integrating social recruiting into their business operations, again I am stealing from the Mckinsey Cloud Computing report. Before we get into them I want to remind you of my current working definition of social recruiting:

  1. Using social media tools as part of recruiting
  2. Building a community of potential candidates
  3. Engaging with candidates as people not numbers

So what are the challenges?

  1. Financial
  2. Technical
  3. Operational
  4. Organisational

Let’s look at each in turn.


Many current approaches to social recruiting left unchecked actually increase the cost of hire and as my colleague Markus Hafner aka eskimo_sparky on Twitter said:

@mspecht I tend to agree with @trib. Many co’s also forget that using socmed poorly can damage brand plus increase cost per hire.

While the use of social media can be seen as “free” ie limited actual dollar spend there can be a massive time sink if not used in an educated manner.


The technical issues are everywhere for social recruiting. They range from data security, privacy, ability to access the services from within the firewall, integration with existing talent management systems to actually how does one use the tools.


How does the recruitment process get modified to include these new technical tools, organisational approaches and ideas? Clear management of both hiring managers and senior leaders expectations needs to be undertaken. Both from a “it’s cheap” and “it’s fast” point of view. What processes and procedures need to be modified to incorporate these new approaches?


The overall structure of HR and recruiting functions will need to be modified to operate within a social recruiting world. What new roles need to be introduced? What roles need to be removed?

I am not setting out to answer all or any of these questions within these blog posts more just putting some thoughts out there to see what happens.

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