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It has been a very busy couple of week, with this week looking even busier. This is a good thing. 

One activity that has been taking a bit of time is a new business venture I have been looking at, providing a range of services to job seekers. In writing the eBook for job seekers I got thinking and have essentially decided with the help of a couple of other people to make it the basis of a new business. However before we go bounding off setting it all up we wanted to take a few minutes to pause and do a bit of market research.

So the start of this research is a quick survey. Unlike the other surveys for your time you can opt to go into a draw to win one of five US$25 Amazon Gift vouchers.  

So please take the survey it is only 6 questions, including two yes/no ones so really only four.

One thought on “Job seeker services

  1. Maybe valuable to collect information on what type of job seekers who fill out this form. E.g. job seeker just leaving uni will have different needs then a mature age student. Wh0 is the eBook for job seekers targeted at?

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