New jobs site for Australian web developers

While watching my Twitter stream today I saw a Tweet about a new job board, Web Freelancers just for Australian and New Zealand developers. There are other freelance boards around some like RentACoder, elance, and oDesk provide major management tools (billing, time taking etc).

Right now WebFreelancers is free to post a job, so if you have a small web development job pop it up there as it will cost you nothing.

The posting process is quick and easy, with the job ad remaining on the site for 30 days. A bit of an issue as you don’t know if you are applying for a closed job, but I’m sure easy to fix.

One thought on “New jobs site for Australian web developers

  1. “The idea here is not to have you bombarded with mediocre resumes, but to quickly find you the best person for the job. ”

    Okay, so they have the same goal as every job board and recruitment company on the planet.

    “we’ll ensure your ad is shown in the right places to make sure you hear from only the best, most qualified and standards-aware web professionals in Australia & New Zealand. ”

    I wonder how they are going to do that?

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