Writing an eBook

I have been reviewing many of my posts from the last 18 months and decided to try and turn some of them into an eBook, estimated about 40-50 pages. At this stage the book will cover the impact of web 2.0/social media on recruitment, exact title unknown. While a majority of the content is available on the blog the eBook will for purchase and available by download. As part of the book development I hope to weave together many of the thoughts and ideas from the blog into a bit of a road map, providing tips, hints and links for the reader.

Some of the topics I will be covering are:

  • Key trends in recruitment
  • Where candidates can be hiding
  • How to engage with candidates and get them to want to work for your organisation
  • How to use free tools to identify potential applicants
  • To which aspects of social media you should be paying attention

Availability, soon I hope.

The price will be around US$25 I think, is that too high or too low?

3 thoughts on “Writing an eBook

  1. @Dan I will be looking for some reviewers in the near future so will contact you then.

    @Michael Thinking at the moment it will be $15, but will see on what feedback I get from my reviewers.

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