Startup Camp Melbourne

Today, Friday 3rd October, sees Startup Camp Melbourne kick off from 6pm running until about 6pm Sunday. During this time 20 or so would be entrepreneurs will spend almost every minute working to create several new business ideas.

The basic agenda for the weekend will be:

Friday 3rd October
6pm Arrival & networking
7pm Dinner & team assignments
8pm Idea generation begins
11pm Evening Close

Saturday 4th October – The real work begins!
10.30am Teams arrive & continue work
12.30pm Working Lunch
6pm Dinner
8pm Teams pitch their businesses & site frameworks
10pm Startup Camp PR launch to build interest for site launches

Sunday 5th October – Launch day
7am Teams arrive
7.30am Breakfast
10am Code freeze
12pm Sites launch
12.30pm Lunch & Press Release launch
1pm Teams decide go forward plans
2pm Teams begin developing investor pitches
3pm Teams pitch to real investors go forward plans
4pm Party!
5pm Go home & sleep

I am looking forward to participating in one of the teams and see what comes out of the weekend, I suspect not the next Google but you never know…

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