New job site for startups

Over the weekend I saw on Techcrunch that a new job site for startups in the US was launched, Startuply. There are a few of interesting things here. Firstly it is not really a new site more a re-launch of Jowba, secondly they have taken funding and support from Y Combinator, finally they have a very nice user interface making job search easy.

A few of the user interface features I liked:

  • Roll over job ads, no need to click on the ad to get a summary
  • Pictures from the company
  • Maps of the company locations
  • Company profile pages
  • Searching by funding, with maps
  • Searching by company size
  • Very simple job application process
  • Job widgets to allow companies to have jobs posted on their site

While not all of the features are suitable for all types of job boards and some are just “neat” it doesn’t stop the fact that some Australian job boards could learn a few things on how to build a innovative user interface.

Finally the site is free to post jobs so I am not sure how they are going to make money, but I am sure there is a plan.

4 thoughts on “New job site for startups

  1. @Luke G no worries I wish you guys luck

    @Thomas it does look like they are using jobberbase doesn’t it, maybe I should start a job board πŸ˜‰

  2. jobberbase is still quite young (+ many errors) hopefully the development will grow and it will be a great product.

    Luke – love the site.

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