Job referral survey – Take it now!

An area that has always been of interest for HR is how to keep the cost per hire down while still getting high quality candidates. One common method to do this is through a referral program either formal or informal.

As part of my consulting I am doing research into the referral habits of Australian workers (although data from other countries would be good as well). To this end I have created a short survey to collect some data points, it only takes 5 minutes to complete so if you have the time please complete it. I will distribute the summary results if you are interested ensure you enter your email address. Of course no personal data will be shared with anyone.

The link to the survey is feel free to direct anyone to it as the more data the better. The survey will run until 11th July.

3 thoughts on “Job referral survey – Take it now!

  1. Michael, I was going to suggest that you mention this on HR Buzz, but I wonder if HR people would give unbiased answers that reflect the wider workforce? (HR people would of course be the main audience of HR Buzz and possibly may also be your typical blog audience)

  2. I thought of putting it on HR Buzz, & as long as HR people list their industry as HR then I can adjust for any biases. My big target for this is the IT industry which I will be engaging with via different mechanisms.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I have just completed the survey and would be happy to provide further information if you need it. I am a Recruiter for Oracle and we utilise our network of referrals for a number of our placements at all levels of the organisation. Our referral program is a large part of our success and not only does it significantly reduce our onboarding costs but it also helps give us our competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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