Social recruitment in the investment community

A small post and badly written, ie copy and paste from a press release, but I wanted to document this somewhere.

Jobvite a new’ish recruitment software vendor has been selected by Advent Software as their new recruitment solution. Jobvite is a collaborative approach to recruitment that has all employees in the organisation get involved in the process:

Jobvite supports Advent’s external recruitment, applicant tracking, employee referral and internal mobility with one clean interface. All employees receive Jobvite access, so that everyone involved in talent acquisition can work together easily.

Jobvite has many of the basic features you would expect in a recruitment tool but it also allows employers to initiate a referrals process through their system:

This self-service allows hiring managers to actively engage in the recruiting cycle and work closely with the companys staffing team to attract, identify and hire top talent. The hiring manager can instantly see current candidate and requisition information in Jobvite. Even when managers are not signed into Jobvite, they receive updates and reminders via email and can even take action from a handheld device. Hiring managers can also jump-start talent acquisition by sending job invitations through Jobvites Web 2.0 referral system.

UPDATE: Kevin pointed out my complete fail with this last sentence, I really should stop writing posts in the dark without coffee. I am interested to see how Jobvite progresses with this calls for social recruitment. I am interested to see how Jobvite progresses with their product and approach to social recruitment

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  1. D’oh writing posts in the dark before coffee should be banned! I’m also having weird WordPress issues today losing posts and changes I have made to drafts. So I am not sure what happened.

    It should have been: “I am interested to see how Jobvite progresses with their product and approach to social recruitment”

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