Video resumes in the Australian marketplace

I am still busy reviewing what HR and recruitment progress I missed in the last 2 years while I worked in pure IT roles.

One area that still seems to be bubbling along slowly is the video resume, with opinions on if they are good or bad, we now even have our own player in the Australian market, Candidates Alive.

Candidates Alive are targeting the recruitment agencies instead of candidates directly. The process is candidates apply for a job, speak to the agency and then the agency produces a professional 1 – 2 minutes video that is sent to the hiring employer. This model works as a majority of recruitment in Australia is conducted via agencies not employers directly.

They launched late last year with a range of press coverage, including a very good article in the New Zealand Herald, which highlights many of the potential issues around the video resume. The biggest of which is discrimination, on all sorts of fronts.

Candidates Alive conducted research that indicated hiring managers prefer the video resume, this was done by providing the manager both a video link and a traditional resume at the same time. The managers clicked on the links first then the traditional resume. While Candidates Alive used this to say that manager prefer the video, I would counter saying it shows how easily discrimination could take place.

A big issue I see with the model is that agencies see to retain the copyright on the candidate’s video, from the New Zealand Hearld:-

Under this system, recruiters retain copyright of the resumes they produce – candidates can check them to make sure they are all right, and can see how many times they’ve been viewed, but they have no control over the clips.

This is all sorts of bad. I read the terms and conditions on the Candidates Alive web site and could not specifically see this clause so it could have changed. But if this is the case I would caution candidates from giving away their image/brand to agencies to do with what they want!!

I don’t know if over time the video resume will take off, personally I doubt it, but it is certainly an area to watch.

A final note the founder of Candidates Alive, Jonathan Weinstock was listed as an up and coming entrepreneur in the June edition of Anthill magazine. Congratulations!

3 thoughts on “Video resumes in the Australian marketplace

  1. This is a pretty good idea for recruiters and it *could* give early adopters the edge, providing the candidates present well on video, which to some extent will come down to the skill of the person making the video. My guess is it’s not quite as easy as most people may think to make a professional looking video, and if it’s not professional it may have the reverse of the intended effect.

    That said there is no getting away from the fact that video clips with resumes will undoubtedly lead to more discrimination, either positive or negative.

    As a business idea, it would be very easy to copy and there is little stopping the recruitment firms taking a 30 day trial, get the training, then just do it for themselves, particularly if they have their own web server. To some extent whether recruiters bother to do this will depend upon the pricing.

  2. Will the video resume take off? Video CVs are a snapshot of a potential employee and serve as another layer of filtering before recruiters settle on their preferred candidates for face-to-face interviews. They’ll never replace paper CVs entirely, but let’s not forget humans are visual creatures. We absorb much of our information and communication non-verbally, so it’s a fair bet that video CVs will become the way of the future!

  3. Sheryle thanks for stopping by! I’m still not fully convinced they will take off, except I see a possible use in large volume recruitment efforts where they would provide the additional filtering.

    However in professional/hard to fill roles I don’t see a use for a video CV, now video interviewing to save on travel is another thing.

    I guess time will tell how and where they are used.

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