Changes are coming

This will be a quick post.

I am no long employed at Nortel, long story which I won’t cover here. But the change is going to allow me to do something I have wanted to try for the last 7 years. Setup my own business.

What will the business be?

While the finer details are still being worked out, it will be in the HR technology industry and will also cover “Enterprise 2.0” (the whole 2.0 thingy is a bit much but we can resolve that over time). There will probably also be some general IT/Project Management work. I know it is a mixed bag which is why further thought is required, :-).

There will be a few changes here as I revamp the site to reflect my new direction.

9 thoughts on “Changes are coming

  1. Congrats on this decision, Michael!

    Working for yourself can entail a lot of stress, however, in my opinion the benefits more than outweigh the negatives.

    Given there’s a reasonable alignment of our focus areas, I hope we have an opportunity to collaborate on something in the future.

    Congrats again,

  2. I’ll be doing the same thing myself at the end of the year. 7 years working for a large company certainly is exhausting.

    Congrats and good luck!

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