New job service for casual workers

Today I was listening to the 2WebCrew where Cameron Reilly mentioned a new Australian startup PloyMe. PloyMe is a job board with a difference. It is aimed at casual workers where job seekers once registered only apply for shifts via SMS. Shifts are sent to a job seekers phone and the first to reply “wins” the shift.

The benefits are huge for both the employer and job seeker, from their web site PloyMe provides a good summary:-


  • No expensive temp agency hourly rates
  • Casuals become YOUR employees
  • No Agency Placement Fees
  • Search for available Casuals 24/7
  • Need Staff Now!
  • Sick of paying $165 on Job Boards and getting no results

Job Seekers

  • No resumes, no interviews, no hassles
  • Shift offers sent by SMS and email
  • Free for casual workers
  • Name your hourly rate
  • Work the hours you want
  • Pickup extra shifts to pay off your bills

Now obviously this service will not for for your $1000/day project managers or consultants (or could it??), but for casual hospitality work I can see great potential. I will be watching what happens to them.

2 thoughts on “New job service for casual workers

  1. Just pimped this to the local cafe owner who’s going through single-engagement casual workers at a ridiculous rate and has been working the shop by himself for the last fortnight … so let’s see if the service PloyMe works for him!

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