Twitter – Something is technically wrong.

Rant ahead, leave if offended.

First let me say I ❤ Twitter, and would pay for the service assuming below is fixed.

Twitter must be the most unreliable web service ever, there I said it! I help organise the Melbourne Twitter meet ups so normally I am very biased but reliability is something Twitter does not have.

Last week we had a schedule maintenance, that was moved without telling their users. Then after the real maintenance the stability was worse than after SXSW in 2007! Not as bad as the meltdown during Steve Job’s address earlier this month, but not a lot could be. 🙂

5 days ago there was a call out from Shel Israel for the guys at Twitter to get their shit together, Biz even replied saying they were working to fix things. It’s not the first time someone has asked for a little stability. Today we again had scheduled maintenance, 7pm – 9pm PST (I’m fairly sure but with the site down and no blog post about the outage I can’t be 100% sure). Twitter went down on schedule but seem to not come back. At about 10pm PST a little note was posted on the Twitter web page:-

“Update: We’re just warming up around here. You may experience some slowness. Thanks for your patience!”

As of 12:30am PST the service is still unreliable. The blog is down, Mobile web interface is down, IM updates intermittent, and general performance is terrible.

On top of this for the last few days in Australia SMS update have been dead, a fairly common occurrence.

Guys you hired some hot shot operations dude, posted you could handle the Super Bowl (the link doesn’t work at the moment cause the blog is still down), but still nothing seems to change. Please sort your operations out, if you worked as part of an internal IT department some of you would be without a job now.

I also know the service is free, but if it can’t cope free go for advertising to tied you over until the real business model appears.

Update: Well a new day has dawned and Twitter is still down (in 10 mins this will have been for 15 hours), but this time the blog is up and there is a small explanation.

End Rant!

2 thoughts on “Twitter – Something is technically wrong.

  1. Michael, thanks for the linkback. I definitely agree that there is some problem with Twitter and that they should really work (not that they are not working, not to take anything away from them but still they need to improve a lot) hard to get things settled in one place.

    I guess too many users and popularity is also an issue.

  2. Yeah it does suck – it was down for maintenance during the inaugural Canberra Twitter meet-up (CTUB1) … maybe the meet-up should have been suspended in true Twitter fashion 🙂

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