Tips on being laid off

Amazing what happens during a week of stock market turmoil. I have seen a number of posts over the last few days about losing jobs, getting new jobs, companies going broke etc, etc.

Today I read a post from one Robert Scoble, you might know him :-), who provides 17 tips for job seekers. Read his full post to get the real details, I have pulled a summary together below.

1. Don’t get lazy.
2. Make sure you spend at least 30% of every day trying to find a job.
3. Start a blog on the field you want to work in.
4. Do things that will get you to be recognized as a world leader in the field you want to be in.
5. Learn from Loic Le Meur. How did he get thousands of videos uploaded on Seesmic everyday? He networked.
6. Do a video everyday on YouTube that demonstrates something you know.
7. Show your friends your resume and cover letter.
8. Do the basics…I got the interview just by having a great cover letter and an interesting resume.
9. Don’t feel bad about taking government assistance.
10. Go to any job networking session you learn about.
11. Go where the money is.
12. Take a little bit of time to work on family and health.
13. Volunteer.
14. Make sure you take advantage of any help your former employer is offering.
15. See if you can keep coming into the office. This isn’t open to everyone…
16. Go to every business event you can attend.
17. Always have your suit ready.

While focused on find a job in the technology industry, many of the tips apply to generic job hunting.

For me the key is to stay focused on the end goal, a new job, ensure you network, promote yourself, have a resume always available and be prepared to interview at a moments notice.

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