The life of being small

We all know that work life balance is important, so much as been written about it in all forms of media that I suspect we have almost become immune to the message. As a reminder Lee Lefever (CommonCraft) posted about a story we have all heard before.

Small town fisherman gets told by a Harvard MBA to work hard for 25 years to build a business, move to the big city, sell for millions, so he can have the life he already has. D’oh!!

Lee then summarises:-

It’s all about lifestyle and doing what you love on a day-to-day basis. We will continue to work hard and push for success, but at the same time, build a business that supports the life that we want right now, not in 30 years.

One thought on “The life of being small

  1. Michael,

    Nice post – we all know if “you do what you love you never work a day in your life” – but the real difficulty comes in having the courage and creativity to make it happen. It’s really not easy to swim against the tide! I have come to the point where I now just do stuff I like and find interesting and hope others think its interesting too and pay me or my company to work with them but it’s a leap of faith with plenty of bellyflops isn’t it?

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