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Long time readers will know I have been searching for the ultimate calendar synchronisation system to keep my Corporate calendar, sync’d with my mobile device (now Palm Treo 750), with my Google Calendars (multiple). This has become more important now as one of the Google Calendars is being used to coordinate who is looking after our son since the separation.

Currently my Palm Treo is set up with Exchange synchronisation for all of my email, tasks, contacts and calendar items, when I connected via USB my Notes are also synchronised. During business hours things are keep update every 5 minutes, outside business hours once an hour. (A note to Microsoft why can’t I syncronise my Notes over the air like everything else, is this a factor of ActiveSync, Outlook, or Exchange?)

What I want is my second Google Calendar synchronised to my device, and then back into my Outlook.

I have previously tried ScheduleWorld and found issues with timezones, which is a big issue given all my work meetings are across multiple timezones. ScheduldWorld is also a bit over the top for what I needed, basically it wanted to become the hub for my calendar data, sorry that is my Treo.

Over the weekend I started testing out GooSync a complete “over the air” synchronisation service, I even paid the £19 for the full service option, but there is 30 Day money back deal. The installation was easy, my only issue was I screwed up the subscription purchase and seemed to have got my Visa card banned by some security service, this might not be such a bad thing!

Overall it is working nicely. I have been adding appointments in all 3 places and they are appearing correctly in the other locations! My only complaint is GooSync can’t do automated sync’s.

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