In search of a new phone

After months of putting it off I am looking for a new phone (current one is held together by tape), the whole process is very difficult.

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 for push email and seamless Outlook integration
  • HSDPA or at least 3G
  • 240 x 240 minimum screen resolution
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g (a would be great)
  • Bluetooth 1.2
  • Ability to run Skype, Yahoo IM (although Meebo would work)
  • Java client
  • Decent talk and stand by time
  • Vibration alert
  • Alarm clock, calculator, typical document viewers (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF)
  • Smaller than 115mm x 55mm x 28mm

Current thoughts are Palm Treo 750, Dopod 838Pro or the Samsung Blackjack

11 thoughts on “In search of a new phone

  1. Michael,
    I’m going through exactly the same process myself!

    I’ve pretty much discounted the Dopod – too big and suspect build quality – did some searching and found lots of negative comments on forums.
    Although I do like that keyboard.

    Palm Treo is a possible.

    Although I’m probably tending toward the Nokia E61i. Apart from my first mobile some 18-19 years ago which was an NEC, I’ve always had Nokias and they have always been very robust and reliable. So I guess it’s a case of brand loyalty 🙂

    Only problem is the E61i is very new and not everyone has it yet on a plan. Choosing the carrier and plan is another challenge …

  2. Steve, the HTC Wizard is the Dopod 838 Pro under another brand I agree it mostly meets the specs.

    Bruce the SPV 3100 seems to also be the DoPod 838, which is also the HTC TyTN and HTC Hermes.

    Kevin agree it is a bit big but my current phone is just a big, a very early 3G handset which was smaller than my previous Motorola 925 which was huge. The suspect build issues seem to have more been with the iMate JasJam (same phone different brand). I can’t go a Nokia as I can’t get push email from work which is one of the factors I am looking at. Let’s not even start with the whole carrier discussion :-).

    Looking at the HTC site is seems their new phone the S710 is a better size.

  3. Michael wrote;
    I can’t go a Nokia as I can’t get push email from work which is one of the factors I am looking at.

    Sorry, you’ve lost me here. If you can’t get push email from work, then what’s the point in having a phone that supports push email? This stuff’s a bit new to me so maybe I’m missing something!

    From a personal perspective I question the need for push email. I would rather get email when I want it. If I had push email my phone would be almost constantly receiving email!

    As for the Nokia E61i, it is very much a business oriented phone. This is it’s messaging capability;

    Email: supports POP/IMAP and SMTP protocols
    Supports Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email 8.0 and a variety of third-party email clients: Mail for Exchange 1.5 (delivered via Nokia Downloads! Application), Visto Mobile v5.5, RIM BlackBerry Connect v2.1
    View and open email attachments Quickoffice, ZIP Manager, and Adobe Acrobat Reader
    MMS and SMS
    Instant messaging client

    For more see here;

  4. Michael, the Blackjack is a nice phone but the screen is very small. We use it at work with push email via exchange…
    The keys on the blackjack and the treo are VERY small and difficult to use. If you have big fingers or even slightly long fingernails on your thumbs it’s almost impossible to use.
    The HTC 710 looks great (can’t wait to see what the auto slide out keyboard works like) and It’s got WM6 so I would definitely wait for that. I would forget Nokia until they come up with a decent 3G phone (even though I’m a Nokia user through and through).
    Please keep us up to date as to what your decision is and how you like it after you get it.

  5. Kevin, the Nokia tools won’t connect up to our work email environment, but the E61i looks great and if it could I would be looking at it!

    Jodie, you have confirmed my thoughts on the BlackJack re screen size. My other concern is with the fact that is does not have a touch screen. My concern with the Treo is that Palm have put a custom version of Windows Mobile 5.0 on it, who know what that will do.

    I will let you know what I decide. As I am doing an outright purchase I keep putting the decision off, $1,000 spend on technology does that to me.

  6. Michael, the only problem with putting off technology purchase decisions is there is always something better coming out next month 🙂

    I just received the latest issue of PC authority which has a 13 page report of mobile messaging. Has some interesting info which was new to me.

    Unfortunately they only review three devices;
    The Nokia E61, Palm Treo 750 and Blackberry Pearl 8100.

    Haven’t had time to read it properly but I gather all three are very good but the Blackberry is the winner. Although the reviewer was connecting to a Blackberry Enterprise Server which would certainly give it the edge. It’s certainly the nicest looking of the three.

    I had read elsewhere that Palm had improved Windows mobile 5 with it’s customisation.

    Jodie – what the problem with the Nokia E61 from a 3G perspective ? I’ve only read good things about it.

  7. Check the HTC wizard. I didn�t verify the exact specs to make sure that it meets your needs, but I�ve got one and at first blush it�s got everything you need.

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