$200K+ for a domain name?

The NowHiring blog is saying (UPDATE: Blog post has been removed, see next post for why) that the value of the offers for jobs.com.au are over $200K!

I can confirm that yesterday we placed a last minute bid of $20,000 for the domain via an email to the administrators. They told me the bidding had been extended from Friday April 27th to COB last night (Wed May 2). This morning I called to see if we were in the running and was informed that we were not in the running and that we would need to get over the $200k mark.

I don’t know, I never bought a high profile domain but as I have been saying that seems way too much money.

Thoughts anyone?

4 thoughts on “$200K+ for a domain name?

  1. Richard honestly I am not sure what the rules are around this. However what is really interesting is the original post has been taken down by Now Hiring. I have sent them a quick note to try and find out why.

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