Are you ready for a big chair?

The folks over at Fairfax/MyCareer have been busy little bees in the last few months, Seth Yates being just one. They have built a very nice site called “The Big Chair“, designed for $100K+ roles across all industries.  (I’m sure if I subscribed to ShortList I would have seen it earlier)

This is not your ordinary job board, at least not in Australia, for the press release on April 12:

Fairfax Media CEO, Mr David Kirk, said, “The Big Chair exclusively serves this premium market, and will capture the interest of Australia’s senior talent. The website leverages the outstanding strengths of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and is a new avenue of growth for Fairfax Digital” Mr Kirk said.

This is before you add in the upgraded UI making things almost Web 2.0’ish.  After you choose your industry the screen is divided into 3 major sections, search refinement, job listing and job display. A single screen no more page refreshes, nice.

A slider is used to refine your search criteria, adjust the slider and the listing of jobs dynamically updates.

The Big Chair

See a job you like, click a job and the job displays in the area below, no page refresh.

The Big Chair

The application process is a little different as well, it is an “Expression of Interest” with an optional CV as a starting point. While this may not site well with “in house” recruiters, I can see agencies warming to the idea of an exploratory chat before anything too serious.

They have also brought together other luxury items from the Fairfax stable to provide an executive play ground:-

  • Executive News
  • Podcasts
  • Gadgets
  • Cars
  • Houses
  • Movers & Shakers, although this is a bit gossipie for my likeing

There are a few UI things that would make the site even better. There is lots of space wasted at the top of the screen. A smaller header logo for starters as you loose about 3 cms just there. It would also be nice to have the job listing collapse for more screen real estate for viewing the job and the open back up on mouse hover.

All in all a great addition to the online job space in Australia.

7 thoughts on “Are you ready for a big chair?

  1. I’m really glad you brought this up 🙂

    It is already being abused! I searched under HR today and one particular agency had the exact same job listed 13 times!

    New product – same old “job board” problems.

  2. That is a really pity it is being abused, it still stands that I like where they are going with the UI good to see some innovation again, not to say there has never been innovation they are now all providing RSS feeds.

  3. Michael I agree with you that the UI is neat, particularly the slider! Great name too. Apart from that though I don’t think it’s anything extraordinary.

    As far as the salary level filter goes, months ago we introduced RSS and email feeds (by location) for $120k+ jobs in Jobs in HR. It has proved very popular with hundreds of people moving across from their standard subscription to our job feeds.

    The irony is, if The Big Chair is a success it may cannibalise their display advertising in The Age, SMH and Fin Review, and I’m sure they get a lot more revenue from those products than they will ever get from this.

    As for Kirk’s comment ..and will capture the interest of Australia’s senior talent. That should be prefaced with we hope 🙂

  4. Kevin, I think the UI is going in the right direction, a little bit more work and it would be very slick.

    Interesting you have seen that switch for $120K+ roles.

  5. Michael Specht wrote:

    Interesting you have seen that switch for $120K+ roles.

    With approaching 8000 subscribers we figured that some of the more senior people would not be interested in seeing all the junior jobs and to avoid losing their interest we decided to filter on salary level. We consulted a couple of our largest customers who are HR recruitment specialists and we all agreed that $120k was a good break point for the filter, particularly as some mid level HR roles are now hitting $100k. We simlpy tag the $120k+ jobs as we put them on our site and they automatically get included in the filtered feed.

  6. Jorge, I’m not sure exec level candidates would appreciate popping up while viewing other areas of the site, all about permission marketing. However I do agree that the serious part of the recruiting process will not really begin until the CV changes hands.

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