2 thoughts on “Ottawa DemoCamp

  1. Hi Michael – I haven’t seen any Nortel folks at any of the Ottawa camps. They did show up – en masse – at the Voice 2.0 conference in October. They seem to be interested in re-inventing telecom – but not much else. That’s sad.

    On the sucking part – c’mon, it’s January in Ottawa 🙂 I’ll gladly trade you for Australia right now!

  2. It is sad, hopefully some of the guys will start to come along. I have blogged about the camps internally before and will try again.

    As for trading Ottawa with Australia in January just remember one thing in Ottawa you get real snow not like the crap we get. Which is great if you like to ski. (We spent a winter in Ottawa during 1999/2000, not the coldest on record but good enough for us Aussies.)

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