An organiser to keep the family organised

Last year while at a market or school fete I picked up a flyer for Schoolwise an filing/organisation system for families. What struck me was how simple the product was and how practical it looked. An offline product it is structured around the 5 sections (almost contexts) Calendar, School, Activities, Phone Lists and Personal. Within each section are different forms and plastic folders to help organise the constant flow of paperwork that is generated around kids, their school and activities.

The school section for example has forms for Child Care, Kindergarten, Primary School Details, teacher contacts, space for Absentee forms.

My first thought was how could this be put online! Of course some of the simplicity and usability would be reduced. For example the Business Card Holder, or Christmas Present List which is designed for you to have a plastic folder behind it to store the receipts in case something needs returning. But a prepackaged online tool linked with a calendar, contact list and to do’s would be very nice. You could probably build one with JotSpot.

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