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Yesterday I received my new eStarling WiFi Photo frame from ThinkGeek and opened it up with much excitement, only to be dismayed when I could not get it working on our office WiFi network, you need a connection to configure or so I thought.

Then last night I tried again at home without any luck. The documentation being shipped with the product was very poor with not a lot more on their web site. So I did couple of Google searches only to turn up people having similar problems. First thought I have been duped! I knew there was some sort of power supply issue that ThinkGeek had emailed me about during the Christmas break.

Anyway before shooting off blog post I thought let me give them the benefit of the doubt. So I emailed their support team. Crossed my fingers and hoped I had not wasted US$250.

Yesterday morning I had an email asking a question about my question, I replied and got an answer within 30 minutes. It seems some of the frames had had their internal memory erased during shipping, a quick re-format and I was on my way!

Now to go through the final setup steps when I get some more time!

Update:  I had a spare couple of minutes after I posted so I turned the frame back on.  After waiting for a while with a message “Enabling Media” some photos from my Flickr account started to roll in!

4 thoughts on “eStarling WiFi Photo frame

  1. So is the eStarling living up to what you’d hope it is? It looks good to me, but now ThinkGeek no longer list it – am I lost to the eStarling forever?!

  2. It is is as it isn’t. The current WiFi adaptor is crap and as such limits the use. ThinkGeek were going to replace it, but now they are going to replace the whole frame! It seems like the eStarling kind of luanched a little too quickly.

  3. I also purchased the frame pre-holiday season, and I have been unable to get the thing to work at all. I hope that the new frame is even half as good as this one was supposed to be because this seems like a great idea.

  4. Roland I found the guys at eStarling to be very helpful in getting the frame to work, in the limited fashion. I also hope the new one works as described.

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