Back to windsurfing

When we moved down to Melbourne from Sydney one of the things I brought was my windersurfer. In the 2 years we have been here I have not yet got it out, for one reason or another.

Anyway now we are 100m from Elwood Beach and I have no real excuse, other than no wet suit and I need some lessons. The other day I read on Tom Reynolds blog that he was getting back into Windsurfing and after exchanging a couple of emails he put me on to RPS The BoardStore where he use to give lessons.

Well today I bought a wet suit, a trolley, and spoke to Adrian who runs the lessons who suggests I spend a couple of weeks getting back into it before we hook up for a lesson.

Now I am set, tomorrow is the day!

2 thoughts on “Back to windsurfing

  1. Good stuff.

    now to join Elwood sailing club and store your gear. About $400 a year sees all your stuff stored securelyand easy to access anytime.

    WE also have the odd beer post sail…


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