Job Trends in Australia

With my new job I have not found much time to blog about HR and HR technologies in the last few months. Today is different. I just received an email from Maneck Mohan of Recruit.Net about their new Job Index Trends that is launching tomorrow. It got me all fired up.

The Job Trends Index allows you to compare different keywords, through a graph to review the number of jobs for the keyword graphed since their index started in July 2006. The graph can also be broken down by City. It is a great tool to be able to visualise the demand changes in jobs either across industries, job sections and skill sets. For example you can see how the demand for java,c#,c++,perl jobs has been going over the last 6 months for the whole of Australia, or maybe just in Melbourne.

Because Recruit.Net is serving a large portion of Asia you can also look at skill demands across the region.
A couple of things I have discovered in looking at the charts. IS Service Delivery roles in Australia seem to have a demand 3 times that of SAP HR roles in Australia, however they are more varied in the number required. Or reviewing the key IT certifications (CCIE,CCNA,CLP,PMP,MCSE,SCJP,CISSP) you can see in the Key Demographics that 15% of all jobs are in Australia, but 38% are in China and only 4% in Hong Kong. What you can’t do is see the growth trends on a single chart comparing multiple countries, maybe in the next version.
What I would like to see added in the tool would be:-

  • A “Hot Trends” list that dynamically updating as the database grows
  • A graph of the hottest City, Job, Industry etc
  • Overlaying the jobs in a per capita type view across a map of Australia
  • Comparing the number of jobs with the number of job seekers in the industry, or even number of people employed in the industry,
  • Being able to compare keywords across cities

A great start.

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